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Bathroom Heaters And Exhaust Fans

Bathroom Heaters And Exhaust Fans Ventair Pty Ltd offer an attractive range of 3 in 1 bathroom heater products in white and silver grille choices with 2 and 4 light/heat globe combinations. Our fully enclosed units are side ducted and come complete with exhaust duct, terminating grill and a common wall plate compatible switch. All maintenance and replacement consumables are available. Remote controls can be optionally fitted.
Ventair Pty Ltd offer a broad range of ceiling fans for any application. Our range offers a variety of styles and blade combinations in your choices of timber, aluminium, 304 grade stainless and full 316 marine grade finishes.
Ventair Pty Ltd offer a wide range of attractive round bodied, centrifical fan, side ducted exhaust fans in common 200mm & 250mm size options. There are square and round grill choice, with or without lights, in both white and stainless finishes plus some other custom choice designs.